Change, Part II

I want

I can’t

I won’t

I will

As I continue to look at the process of changing, people tend to fall into the four categories listed above. Everyone wants things. We all want life, work, and/or family to be better. As we try to reach those desired outcomes, some will tell you they can’t, a few will admit that they won’t put in the work to get what they want, and the successful say, “I will.”

The “I will” people are those few willing to sacrifice, commit, persevere, and put in the work required to get what they desire regardless of how long it takes. The “I want” people continue to look off into the future to what they believe they deserve but never get any closer to that outcome because they find reasons to say, “I can’t” or “I won’t.”

The only time you can choose to change is in the moment. The “I will” people make decisions daily to commit to the work needed to get the outcomes they want. Like Nike, they Just Do IT! The people that just “want” better things, and time, spend their entire time looking into the future but never decide they “will” in each moment.

Last week, I mentioned that the only way to change is to start something, stop something, do more of something, or do less of something. The “I will” people make the decisions to do one of those four things in the moment. They commit to it. They sacrifice to make it happen. The “I want” people just continue to look to the future and hope they will get there without making conscientious decisions each day to work towards those outcomes. 

In the upcoming week, find at least one thing you want to change. Say, “I will” change this and then commit to that process in each moment of each day.

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