Over the past couple of weeks, I have written about focusing on what we can control and looking for opportunities in our struggles. As I continue to think about this process, I feel there is a need to discuss how we change. There are only four ways to create change. To generate growth in our lives, we must:

Do more of something.
Do less than something.
Start something.
Stop something.

It seems pretty simple doesn’t it?

These four processes are the only way to form new habits and create change in our lives. The challenge that comes with the process of change is that we can become very impatient. We have to remember that growth in this process is small, slow, and daily.

Change happens in small steps. It takes small, incremental steps to create lasting change. We must focus on where we want to be and decide what the first step is to getting there. It does not need to be a big step when we begin, but only a small one. Changing our habits does not happen overnight; it happens in small increments, often followed by plateaus. The key is to persevere and keep pushing forward all the while being relentless in making each small step.

Change doesn’t happen quickly. Highly successful people did not start there. They have dedicated their time; they have been disciplined; they have been committed to the outcomes they want to achieve. Disciplined behavior over extended periods is how we create change to get where we want.

Change has to be a daily commitment. We have to dedicate our time each day to move to the outcome we desire. It cannot be a “sometimes” thing. Change has to be an “every-day” thing. That is not to say there will not be setbacks along the way, or that we will not fall short on a given day. But, when we lose focus, when our steps falter, we must recognize it and get back on the disciplined path.

Small, slow, daily…this is how we will be successful. Forget about perfection, put your ego aside, and become disciplined in getting to the outcomes you want to achieve.

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