As we continue to work through stressful times of unknowing and abrupt, demanding changes in education, I have been reminded of how important our focus is during these times. We always have the choice to focus on what we can control or what we cannot control. 

Recently, I have gotten lost in putting too much focus on the uncontrollable things in my life. I know this lack of positive focus has impacted me both personally and professionally. When our focus becomes too much on ourselves and the chaos that surrounds us, we tend to find a multitude of things that we cannot control to dwell on, which in turn, irritates us. The truth of all of this is that our minds love a negative story. Our negative emotions do not want to give up those feelings. Emotions help us justify our own actions while we downplay the behaviors and actions of others. 

I have said before that we should never lose focus on the controllables and the positives. It is about noticing the direction of our focus is lost and then about regaining the appropriate intentions. As we continue to go throughout the known and unknown challenges in front of us, let’s remember to think about these things when we catch ourselves focusing too much on the uncontrollable.

  • Realize you have lost focus, stop the negative thoughts, and interrupt the negative self-justifying story in your mind.
  • Change the negative story by intentionally placing your focus on the positives. This change can happen through deliberate, positive self-talk.
  • Be proactive. Anticipate events that have the potential to irritate you so you can change the negative thoughts in your mind quickly.

None of the items listed above are easy, but you can get there with disciplined behavior and deliberate practice each day. Change the story in the coming weeks. Find the positive. Share that positivity with others.

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