Attitude Matters Most

Life is really good at giving us problems, challenges, and changes to confront daily and sometimes hourly. They are always there, no matter what you do, no matter how smart you are, no matter how positive you are; problems will always exist. The most successful people I have encountered do, during times of challenge that sets them apart, retain a positive attitude about the challenge, regardless of the circumstances. They realize their reaction to the change at hand is what makes the difference. Things change, of course, they do, but how we react to that change and how we attack problems is our choice. As educators, we are part of a profession of change; and it changes- a lot. Ultimately, our job is to make a change in our students. It is our responsibility to be the change. So, change is unavoidable, and more pointedly, the mission, in the profession we chose. In this, the attitude we have each day is the most important thing we bring to our profession. As educators, our attitude can be buried in comfort, support, trust, inadequacies, and a variety of other deeply personal things. While our attitude is extremely personal, it is never a secret. Regardless of the reasons behind our attitude, we wear it on our sleeves. Our students, colleagues, and loved ones, can all tell us how positive or negative our attitude is on a minute-by-minute basis. But we must remember that our attitude is always our choice; it is always in our control.

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