What Can I Do?

As we continue to take on the challenges of this year, there is a question I have recently started to ask myself each day: What Can I Do? This statement is not from a “throw my hands in the air” sarcastic point of view, but a question that can help me chip away at the barrier between where we are right now and where we want to be. What can I do today that will help? What can I do to improve this situation? What can I do in this moment? What can I do?

Not every answer helps, but every answer is an effort to improve. It will take a collective effort of “What can I do?” questions to keep us moving forward. But, the alternative is to give up and accept our current state. I have never been one to quit. I have never been one to give in to my circumstances. So, I will continue to push forward. I will continue to look for opportunities. I will continue to ask myself each day: What can I do?

I hope you will join me in asking yourself each day — What can I do?

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