Adversity — no one wants it, but we all get it.

This year has been really great at teaching us lessons in dealing with adversity. The year has been difficult from the start, and as soon as we start to feel a little comfort in what we are doing and how things are going, change happens again. No one wants the adversity we are experiencing, but adversity does not care if we want it or not…it is here. 

I know for sure that If we stop now, everything we have done up to this point has been for nothing. Even Seneca, the first-century stoic philosopher, recognized the role that adversity plays in our life: “Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.”

Adversity testing our strength is a timeless truth. Humankind has dealt with, and been tested by, adversity since the beginning of time. Those who show strength in the midst of adversity have the opportunity to become great. Those who run from adversity are names that no one remembers. Adversity will always be there. We have handled it well during the first half of the year. How we handle this semester will define our strength as a school! 

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