This has been a challenging time; there are a lot of questions that we just do not have answers to at this point.  But, as we move forward in this ever-changing world, it is important for us, for the time being, to stop trying to find complex answers to complex problems. Oftentimes in convoluted situations, we need to keep it simple. We know as a school part of our mission is to serve our diverse community. While we do not have answers to the complicated questions, we can take the problem in the simplest form and find clarity in knowing that we are here to serve.

I will admit, I have lost my focus a lot this summer in coming back to this simple truth: I am here to serve. We need to remind ourselves that it is not that we will never lose our focus, we will,  but the importance lies in how quickly we are aware that we have lost our focus and how quickly we can return to what is important.

As we move forward, the world is going to continue to be complicated. There are things we do not have control over or answers to right now. But again, in complicated times we need simplicity, not more complexity.  In the simplest terms, we are here to serve, and service is where we need to keep our focus. If we bring everything back to that focus, all of our efforts back to serving, then we will continue to find ways to be successful. If we continue to focus on the complicated things, we will lose our focus in the frustration of complexity and never get any better.

Keep it simple as we get back into the school year. Control what we can control and continue to put our focus in the service of our students.

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