Distractions – Part 2

One item that needs to be addressed further (or given some clarification) from last week’s post — You have to know what you want out of these next few months before you can work towards it. We have to know what we are trying to accomplish before we can take action to get there.

When put in the context of E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome) from Focus 3, we must be clear about the outcome(s) we are working towards and be realistic about the event(s) we are experiencing before we can choose how to respond.  If you are not clear about the E and the O you have no business choosing the R. In other words, if you do not get really clear about the challenges and opportunities in our current circumstance; and are not crystal clear about what we are trying to accomplish, your work will never be at its best.

I know, our current school environment is very different then what we expect in our daily work; working from home is really hard; staying connected with 150+ students is challenging to say the least; supporting a wide variety of student needs and motivation levels is just exhausting. All of these things I am sure that you are finding to be true, but we cannot use them as excuses. We must be relentlessly optimistic about what we can accomplish while also keeping an unwavering realistic perception of our current circumstances. Anything other than this perspective is a distraction that will pull you away from what needs to be accomplished for those we serve.

We have to decide to do the work and continue to put our mission, as a school, into motion. Be relentless in the pursuit of this outcome, but also be unwaveringly realistic about the challenges we are all facing. Put all other distractions aside and give the best of you to those we serve!

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