What Matters in Building Success

What Matters in Building Success (1)

A short post this week hopefully containing some important thoughts for us as educators to remember as we begin our yearly, statewide standardized testing.

Our education system too often seems to be based around the idea that academic performance, and academic performance alone, is what leads to a lifetime of success. We put emphasis on this success, telling students: success in school will build future well being…leading them to a life that matters… ultimately creating happiness. Standardized tests often can become the biggest culprit in this belief — defining a student’s achievement, success, future well-being, happiness, and ultimately the entirety of their lives- into the results of a few hours of testing.

As we test again this year, remember that the statements above are completely backwards. Research supports that helping people feel like they matter, and what they do and what they say is important, will build a state of emotional well-being. Then, and only then, can we help to motivate and inspire, which is what ultimately will lead to success! Success can then breed success as long as we remember the proper path in getting there.

As we all begin our “march” through standardized tests this school year, be sure to remind your students that value comes from who they are, not from how they perform in a few hours of testing.

Keep learning; keep growing; keep sharing!

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