Teach Like Someone’s Life Depends On It


A few weeks ago, I read a short article from a motivational speaker.  The speaker discussed how he stays so engaged each time he speaks.  When speaking, he states, he operates under the assumption that at least one or two of the people in the room are actively considering taking their own life.  He wants to lead and mentor as if hearts and lives are on the line, because he believes they truly are.

As a school administrator, and former classroom teacher, I believe that education is the vehicle to change our world.  Providing a child with a quality education opens doors to endless possibilities.  Unfortunately, this works the other way as well.  If we cannot help students find value in learning or overcoming their circumstances, their life’s path will be greatly altered for the worse.  But do we: lead, learn, teach, care, empathize, push ourselves, and educate with this level of passion?  Do we look at our students each day with the assumption that today may change the student’s life?  Do we come in each day with an enthusiasm to change the world for the better?  Do we teach each day like each child’s future and life depend on it?

I feel like these are questions we need to consider as we start a new school year. I hope we all come back with an untamed spirit to attack each day like someone’s life depends on it. If each of us can charge ourselves this year to have limitless love, gratitude, and an unmatched mindset we can change our students lives forever!

Here are a few questions I am going to keep on my desk each day so I can look at them on a regular basis.

  • Are you leading today like someone’s life depends on it?
  • Are you treating each interaction with students as an opportunity to change their life?
  • Did you find time today to show students and staff they matter?
  • What did you do today to improve the quality of someone’s day?

In my time serving as a principal, I have found the following statements to have a resounding truth.

  • What you say matters.
  • What you do matters.
  • HOW you do it matters the most.

Treat each day of the upcoming school year like someone’s life depends on it!

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