Summer Mindset

Summer Mindset.jpg

It has been about a year and half since I ran my first, and only, marathon. I have run a couple half marathons since then, but in the past six months my running schedule has become minimal. In all honesty in the busyness of a new position this year, my entire workout schedule has suffered greatly. I am in much worse shape and many pounds heavier, so I have decided to make working out more of a priority again and thus started running more in the past few weeks.

As I have started running again, I have found that my mind is still viewing those, short, recent runs like I did when I was training for the marathon. During that training time thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen miles was no big deal and a five mile run as a short day. Now, even though my mind views a five or six mile run as nothing, my body is sending a very different message. In all honesty, my mindset is really all that is getting me through a five mile run because my body is screaming at me constantly during that 40 minutes of time.

I plan on running another half marathon in August and look forward to a time when my body has caught back up to my mindset. I know there are a lot of miles ahead to get me back there, but I am not worried…I have been there before.

This idea makes me think forward to summer break. What else can I condition myself for this summer? What can I spend the next eight weeks doing, so that when I get back to school next year I have the same marathon mindset that is getting me through my runs.

The school year can be long and it can be exhausting at times. We are all feeling this drain here at the end of another 180 day school year. I hope you will find time this summer to reflect on the year and pick a couple things that you can focus on this summer, helping you to build a mindset that will get you through the tiring times next year.

I know I already have some important downtime scheduled and I am starting to put together my summer reading list. These things, along with a few conferences and retreats I plan on attending will help me prepare my mind for next year. When my body (or mind) wants to quit next year, the time I invest this summer will get me through it.

What is your plan? What do you plan on doing this summer to not just get you to next year, but to make you better for next year?

Start a book club…join twitter for the first time…read…write a blog…go to some summer PD…whatever it may be, do not just let summer happen to you, make it happen for you! Realize that your summer holds the key to a positive and productive school year. I am excited for a bit of a break, but I am also looking forward to another amazing school year of learning, growing, and sharing!

Have an amazing summer break!!


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