I Don’t Want To

Doing things that you do not want to do is often what pushes you to greatness. Success does not come from only doing enjoyable things, or taking it easy. Doing things you are comfortable doing will continue to get you the results you have already achieved, giving you what you already have…a life of being average. The only way to get better, the only way to improve, is to do things you are not comfortable doing.

That is it. Not a bit complicated, but very difficult.

I do not want to get up that early.
I do not want to read tonight.
I do not want to run that extra mile.
I do not want to have that difficult conversation.
I do not want to put in that amount of work.
I do not want to….

Then don’t. Take the easy way out, but be sure you are comfortable with the results that you get as well. I think the problem is that we want to complain about our lot in life and what is going poorly, or not working out for us, instead of doing (what others are not willing to do) to get us out of your comfortable routine. Routines are great, but routines can also be a ruts keep up from getting to places we have never been.

Do something that makes you uncomfortable everyday, or be satisfied with saying I will never be able to _____. It’s your life, you fill in the blank.

When you hit a wall, and know that you will hit walls, realize almost every wall has a door. Find that door. Sometimes doors are easy to find. Sometimes the room is dark and finding the door is difficult. But, when the door is difficult to find that is when the outcome is most rewarding. Those doors are the ones that will take you to great places.

Now, go be uncomfortable today.

Keep learning; keep growing; keep sharing!

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