Stuck, Then Move!

I always spend time at the end of a semester reflecting on what has gone well over the course of the past few months and what might need some attention as we move forward into the second half of the school year.  This year I have taken on a new role, in a new building- this time my reflection is vital.

Many times, when I look back at what has happened in numerous situations throughout the course of the year, I am reminded of this video:

Time always provides a great perspective for us as sometimes the blatantly obvious is difficult to process in the midst of our daily struggles.  We often get stuck, and fail to see the easy solution that is right there…just move…get off the escalator!  It sounds simple, and from the video is laughable when put into these terms, but often times a simple solution is all that we need.

As I think back over the past few months, I know many of the “problems” that seemed almost insurmountable at a particular time were not nearly as oppressive as I thought in the moment. The reason I take the time to purposefully reflect on each semester is because I need a reminder that we are the ones that control our circumstances, and looking back it is easy to see some of these escalator moments.  

In the video, the people are so focused on the problem (the stopped escalator), they fail to see the easy solution.  Similarly, in the middle of a struggle, we focus on the struggle, rather than placing our focus on solutions.  We spend our time dwelling on the immediate inconvenience instead of looking for a way to help ourselves.  This reflective time is important for me to remember that often it is not our circumstances that we need to change, although that will come in due time; rather it is our perspective about our circumstances that needs to be changed. If you  are stuck, you are the only one that can release yourself from your problems. You control that choice, you control your actions and your thoughts, no one else, it is all on you and up to you.

As you move forward and take some time over the holiday break to rest, remember to also take some time to reflect.  When we return to school in the new year…choose your attitude; choose your solutions. Never let an attitude or lack of a solution choose you.  The choice is yours!

Keep learning, keep growing, keep sharing!

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