What Do You Contribute? Part 3

I mentioned last week that the Compelled, those that are true leaders, must produce energy for themselves and often for others. This process is the challenge of living compelled. Energy is finite. If you are a compelled leader, you have to find ways to build and recover energy. You cannot give what you don't receive. … Continue reading What Do You Contribute? Part 3

What Do You Contribute? Part 1

As described in a recent Tim Kight Focus 3 podcast, four types of people exist in any organization -- the cynics, the compliant, the committed, and the compelled. Each of these people produces a different level of energy. Let's think about each of those people. The CynicsAs Jon Gordon puts it, the cynics are energy … Continue reading What Do You Contribute? Part 1

Grateful in the Moment

Anything that happens to me today is in my best interest and it is an opportunity for me to learn and grow.--Joshua Medcalf I have faith that our experiences prepare us for the future; experiences provide the biggest opportunity to connect and grow; experiences allow us to reframe our perspective; experiences are the key to … Continue reading Grateful in the Moment