What Do You Contribute? Part 1

As described in a recent Tim Kight Focus 3 podcast, four types of people exist in any organization — the cynics, the compliant, the committed, and the compelled. Each of these people produces a different level of energy. Let’s think about each of those people.

The Cynics
As Jon Gordon puts it, the cynics are energy vampires. They not only produce negative energy for themselves, but they also spread that negative energy to other people. They look to pull people to their negative way of thinking because it is easier to blame, complain, or defend our behaviors than it is to push into an area of discomfort and find ways to solve severe problems.

The Compliant
The compliant come in each day and check the boxes. They do just enough to get by and operate mostly on auto-pilot. The compliant are more focused on managing others’ perception of them than they are in doing the work that is needed. While they do not produce negative energy like the cynics, the compliant are very susceptible to the cynics way of thinking. Cynics attack the most accessible people to pull to their side; those people are the compliant. Cynics love company, and the compliant are the easiest ones to be swayed to their negative way of thinking.

The Committed
The committed do their job, and they do it well. They take responsibility for the work and do it in alignment with expectations. They logically believe in the work that they do and do their best to try to accomplish set goals. But, the committed tend to keep their good work to themselves. While they are not “me” focused like the cynics, their good work does not push their colleagues to be better. The committed perform at their talent level, but often struggle to push past their comfort zone. 

The Compelled
These are the energy givers. They believe to their core in the work they are trying to accomplish. While the committed tend to work from the head, the compelled work from the heart. They are willing to lean into discomfort to move past their current abilities and build new ones. People naturally want to be around the compelled because the compelled make others better.

So in looking at these four types of people, we move from those who produce negative energy to those who produce positive energy. As we think about what we contribute, ask yourself, do you bring negative, neutral, or positive energy to the situation? Wherever you feel like you fall on this continuum, you must realize your school or classroom will never surpass the level of energy that you bring each day.

More about these four types of people and the energy they bring -or take- from an organization will come through as we work through February. Wherever you are starting, do everything you can in the weeks to come to move up the continuum. The energy you bring matters more than anything else you do.

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