Your Challenge

What is a challenge you face on a daily basis that most everyone has no idea about?

The past few weeks have unfortunately reminded me that everyone has an answer to this question. We all struggle. Some of our struggles are big; some are small. Some of our struggles are real; some exist only in our minds. Regardless of size or perception, we can all quickly come up with answer to this question.

We live in the world of the selfie; with the focus of everything too often being pointed inward. It is important to remember that every person that crosses our path on a daily basis is struggling with something. Maybe not in that moment, but at some point during any given day everyone will run into a roadblock. Maybe it is a frustrating student in class, maybe a family problem is occupying our mind during the day, or maybe an illness that is impacting us or someone close to us at that time. We put on a good face, and plow through our day never letting others know how much we are nervous, scared, or hurt. Sometimes no one asks, or perhaps when they do we hide our feelings because we think others will not understand, or will judge us. We must all remember that we are better together. Some days we need to share; some days we need to listen as others take their turn.

This time is a season of giving, a season of joy. Let’s not forget that no matter how tough our day may seem, or how frustrated we get with others, everyone has something in their daily lives that they have to overcome even when they appear to be carefree and joyful. There is power in sharing with others, and returning the favor when needed. Too often we hold our struggles inside rather than reaching out for support. We find ways (unfortunately often unhealthy ones) to deal with the problems we face. As we go through the holiday season and beyond, spend time being there for each other. Share your stories and listen without responding when others are sharing theirs. Remember that every challenge you overcome helps you become better. Every challenge we overcome together, makes us all better.

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