You have it all figured out…

This week, a colleague brought up a blog post that I had written a couple of weeks ago.  She said he really appreciated the post and said, “you seem to have it all figured out.”  The comment made me stop in the conversation. I corrected her and quickly said, I have nothing figured out. If I had it all figured out, I would be scheduling my travel plans to tour the country; teaching educators how to solve all the problems with today’s educational system.  The conversation shifted as we discussed the purpose of my writing. I want to share a small part of that conversation with you.

It has been almost three years since I made a commitment to blog once a week during the school year.  During that time, I believe I have come to understand why I write and the audience to whom I am writing.

First and foremost, I want to start by saying, I do not feel like I have anything completely figured out and I do not think I ever will, or if that is even possible. I feel like I make some strides in understanding more about what I think works or not, and why or why not things should be done or not done.  But to say that I have it all figured out is a bit of a stretch.

So, why do I write? I do not write to impart some sense of  wisdom on others; I write to try and make sense of topics, concepts, or ideas that I am usually struggling with that week.  This blog is not practical, or always easy to write once a week, nor is it always comfortable to be vulnerable in sharing my thoughts, ideas, shortcomings, and beliefs. There are many times instead of writing, I would prefer to get another hour sleep at night, leave work a little earlier, or relax and watch some TV in the evening.  But, this blog has provided me with more personal and professional growth than anything else I have done in the past few years. As I work through different topics, I discover new things about myself and my beliefs. Taking the time to fully vet my beliefs has made an unmistakable impact on my life. This blog is about me and my journey.  It is about me taking the time to write is simply a way to process, and push, my learning and my personal and professional growth.



To whom am I writing? I have come to discover, I am writing really to advise myself, not others. Whether it’s a personal or professional reflection, the power of looking back is a vital part of learning and growing. I often spend time thinking and writing about my actions, my beliefs, my attitudes toward others, my reactions to things that may not have gone my way, or even the way I see myself, my worth, and my value as a person. This blog is a way to be transparent in that reflection and the learning that comes with it — a way to share a little piece of myself with the world.  It is not, and never has been, my intention to use this blog to change others.  My focus is to change myself. I truly believe when we think we have nothing else to learn from others, situations, or professional opportunities, we begin to fail. No matter the situation, there is always something I can take away that will make me better. To do this, I have to believe everything is an opportunity, not a mundane task that I am required to fulfill.

I look forward to another year of sharing my journey with you — I hope you will continue to come along for the ride. I know that is I want to equip others for change, I must first focus on improving myself. I am not sure where this path will take me (us) over the next year, but I do know I am excited about the possibilities! If others want to join me in the journey of self discovery — I will always welcome the company.

Until next time — keep learning, keep growing, keep sharing!

Be the change!!

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